Club Subscriptions 2021 

All Subscriptions are stated on a monthly basis below (except for OC7 and OC7+)
Aged 35 and Over

Town: £160
Country: £112
Overseas: £88

Aged 30 – 34 years

Town: £136
Country: £96
Overseas: £80

Aged 29

Town: £88
Country: £72

Aged 28

Town: £76
Country: £56
Overseas: £40

Aged 27

Town: £60
Country: £48
Overseas: £40

Aged 26

Town: £52
Country: £42

Aged 25

Town: £44
Country: £33
Overseas: £33

Aged 18-24

Town: £40
Country: £31 
Overseas: £28

Associate Members
Town: £32  (no Entrance Fee)
Country: £32  (no Entrance Fee)
Overseas: £32  (no Entrance Fee)

OC7 (One-Off Fee)

Town: £350 (no Entrance Fee)
Country: £350 (no Entrance Fee)
Overseas: £350 (no Entrance Fee)

OC7+ (One-Off Fee)
Town: £500 (no Entrance Fee)
Country: £500 (no Entrance Fee)
Overseas: £500 (no Entrance Fee)
Category Definitions

Town: Resides in the British Isles within one hundred miles of the Clubhouse, or, being resident in the British Isles beyond such distance, have a regular place of business in London

Country: Resides in the British Isles one hundred miles or further from the Clubhouse, as the crow flies, or on the continent of Europe 

Overseas: Resides beyond the continent of Europe

OC7 Members

New Members who join between the ages of 18 and 25 and who attended one of our associated schools may pay a one off subscription of £350. This entitles them to Membership up to the age of 25. In addition this scheme is open to all those under the age of 25 who are sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, god-children or other close relatives of existing Members.

OC7 Associated Schools

The schools with which the Club currently has an arrangement are:
Benenden School, Charterhouse School, Eton College, Haileybury, Harrow School, Malvern College, Marlborough College, Merchant Taylors' School, Oundle School, Radley College, Rossall School, Rugby School, Sherborne School, Shrewsbury School, Stowe School,
St Dunstan's College, Wellington College and Winchester College.

Entrance Fee - £1,800

No entrance fee is payable by the son or daughter of a Member or by a Member elected before their 35th birthday or after their 70th birthday.

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

Learn more about the facilities and benefits available to Members of the Oriental Club.

Becoming A Member

Becoming A Member

The Club is electing a limited number of candidates each year, with particularly attractive rates for Under 25s through the OC7 Scheme.

Reciprocal Clubs

Reciprocal Clubs

 A benefit of Membership is the Club's relationship with a carefully curated list of Reciprocal Clubs worldwide.