Club Update

Coronavirus / Covid 19 Virus
Last Updated: 15th October 2020


Following the latest announcements from the Government today, I am writing to update you on how the Club is responding to the new Tier 2 status for London, which comes into effect at midnight tomorrow - Friday 16th October. 
Food and Beverage
In accordance with the new legislation, the Club will only be able to accept reservations for tables in the Dining Room, CLH Bar and Hill Station for Members and their Guests who reside as one household or Support Bubble.  Members and Guests may still meet in groups of up to six outdoors on the Terrace.  The full CLH Bar and Dining Room menus will be available on the Terrace, and the Club will provide blankets and heaters for Members’ comfort. 
A reminder that to allow for a 10.00pm closing time, the last food orders are currently taken at 8.30pm.  The Dining Room is now open at the earlier time of 6.30pm for Members’ convenience.  All service will continue to be provided at tables only, including in the CLH Bar and Members’ Bar.  All Members and Guests who are not residing at the Club are required to leave by 10.00pm. 

Private Dining
Private Dining functions where more than one household or Support Bubble plan to attend must be postponed.  The Private Dining Team will be contacting Members to whom this applies.
Club Events Calendar
The Club will continue its popular On-line Programme - new Events are added regularly.  The 'Hybrid' element of in-person attendance will be paused until further notice.  Please find the current Events Calendar here.
All Events at the Club with ‘in person’ attendance will be postponed for at least the next four weeks.  We will update Members in future communications.

May I take this opportunity to remind you of the Club’s new Oriental Curry Express Service which is available for delivery anywhere in the UK Mainland.   If you have not yet tried this, it is a premium delivery service that brings a taste of the Club to your home.  It is designed for a minimum of two people and includes your choice of two Curries, Basmati Rice, Dal and Naan Bread for £35.  Click here to order and for more information. The service is also available for large orders to multiple households.  Several Members have begun to use this service to cater for family occasions, corporate meetings, to send as gifts or simply to share this unique experience with friends and family.

Food and Beverage Service
In accordance with current legislation, and to allow for a 10.00pm closing time, the last food orders will now be taken at 8.30pm.  The Dining Room will open at the earlier time of 6.30pm from Monday, 28th September for Members’ convenience.  All service will continue to be provided at tables only, including in the CLH Bar and in the Members’ Bar.

The Hill Station Bar & Grill has undergone its annual transformation into a fully enclosed, heated space to provide additional dining opportunities.

It is with great regret that, in accordance with the legislation, all Members and Guests who are not residing at the Club will be required to leave by 10.00pm. I would like to thank all Members in advance for their co-operation in this regard.

Face Coverings
All Front of House Staff will be required to wear Face Coverings at all times.  If Members are standing or walking through the Club, then Face Coverings will  also need to be worn in order to comply with the legislation.  The exception is when Members and their Guests are seated at a table for Food and Beverage service.  Face Coverings in Club Colours are available to purchase from Reception. 

Test and Trace App
The Club will display the official NHS QR code posters so that Members, Reciprocal Members and Guests may conveniently ‘check-in’ as having visited the Club, once the App is rolled out nationally.

It is a legal requirement for the Club to collect information regarding all those who visit the Club, and we will continue to note this information.  If Reciprocal Members or Guests of Members do not have access to the App, we will also continue to request the completion of a Health Declaration and a Track and Trace form.

I would like to thank Members for their support and good wishes during this period.  The safety of the Club's Members, Reciprocal Members, Guests and Employees remains of paramount

mportance to us.  I hope to see many of you at the Club soon.  

Covid Secure 
Members, Visitors, Staff and Contractors must not visit the Club if they have had Coronavirus symptoms in the previous seven days.  If any member of their household shows symptoms, they must not visit the Club for fourteen days.
The Club has strict occupancy limits to ensure that it complies with Government Social Distancing policies.  Therefore, we would appreciate Members making reservations in advance where possible by contacting  

On arrival at the Club, everyone is required to use hand sanitiser (alcohol-free sanitiser is available on request).
Clear protective barriers are used in high contact areas such as the Reception Desk and the Bars.
The Club is implementing Social Distancing policies on the terms specified by the Government. These must be adhered to throughout the Club when socialising or meeting with people from other households. We trust our Members and their Guests to use their common sense when following these rules. 
Members are requested not to visit the Secretariat or the Accounts Office in person. Instead, a Staff Team member from one of those Offices will come to Reception, or a meeting may be arranged in another room if necessary.
Increasingly, much of the Club’s administration is carried out, at least in part, by Staff Team members working from home.
New procedures are in place for the service of food and drinks.  All service is table service with a modified style, and a slightly simplified menu and ordering system for the time being.
A one-way system is in operation on the Ground Floor, flowing clockwise from the Entrance, through Reception to the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Cloakrooms and back through the Staircase Hall.  Please observe this new convention.
Where possible, Members are requested to use the Lifts only if necessary and then only to go up.  Please use the stairs were possible, particularly to travel down the building.  Please do not enter an occupied lift.
Regular cleaning and sanitising of all Principal Areas and ‘touch points’ is carried out.
Physical Newspapers, Magazines and Periodicals are not provided, but Members have access to the electronic versions for use on their own devices at the Club or elsewhere.
Changes to Provision of Services and Relevant By-Laws for a Trial Period  
The Committee has sanctioned the following changes:
A simple Room Service offer is available from Breakfast through to early evenings for Residents staying in bedrooms.
The Club already offers a Members' Catering Service for Private Dinner Parties and Events that take place outside of the Club.  

The Dining Room is open for Breakfast service, Monday - Sunday and for Lunch and Dinner service, Monday - Friday with an increasingly extensive menu. Breakfast must be pre-ordered the night before, as Buffets will not be provided.

The Members' Bar is now also open for pre-Lunch and pre-Dinner drinks service from Monday - Friday.  At all other times, this will function as an additional sitting / reading space.

The CLH Bar, the Hill Station and Terrace continue to open Monday - Saturday for All-Day Dining (12.00 pm to 3.00 pm and 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm).  We would appreciate you making reservations for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in advance by contacting   
The Drawing Rooms are now operating on a self service basis, with the provision of complimentary Tea, Coffee, Water and Smoothies.
The Library, Ante Room and Smoking Rooms are available for Private Dining for up to eighteen persons on three socially distanced tables of six.  All service will be seated, including pre-meal drinks and Guests from different tables will not be permitted to mix.  To discuss your Private Dining Requirements, please contact
The First Floor Principal Rooms have been re-organised as follows: 
Business Room – Additional facilities including Plug and Play LCD Monitors for connecting your own Laptops and High Speed LAN, for a high-quality business user experience.
Board Room – Video Conference Hub (Fully Equipped Plug and Play) for up to six persons who are physically present.
Main Smoking Room - Video Conference Hub (Fully Equipped Plug and Play) for up to sixteen persons physically present.

Small Smoking Room – Leisure or Business use, or as a break-out facility for the Main Smoking Room.

Main Drawing Room – Dedicated Business Lounge with Power Points and Social Distancing Screening – capacity up to sixteen persons on individual tables – Monday to Friday 7.00 am to 6.00 pm; Evenings and Weekends Social Use Only.  Occasional Evening and Weekend Private Dining for up to sixteen persons.

Small Drawing Room – dedicated to Social and Leisure use – no Business permitted. Formal Dress Code Monday to Friday. 

'Home Working' Offices – Subject to availability, Bedrooms with Desks may be hired for Day Use for Members wishing to work or hold private appointments at the Club.
International Arrivals
In most cases, it is very impractical for Members to quarantine at the Club for fourteen days after arriving in the UK, but we are making three of the Suite / Junior Suites available to Members requiring this facility. We will be required to insist that all Government Guidelines are adhered to.  This may include the wearing of PPE on arrival and other restrictions which are also for the protection of fellow Members and Staff Team members.  Room Service meals will, of course, be provided.

There will be further updates in the weeks and months ahead.